(video credit : Stephen Harvey)

Online installations, performances and compositions 2021
Occam xx (Eliane Radigue, 2014) for In a Landscape GMEA Albi
– Three performances with Stine Janvin Motland and Rebecca Lane for Vibrant Matters Berlin
Mistake Television, archive performance in Milan 2017 with Gerard Lebik 
Full length album In Another Place on Takuroku Label with Anne-f Jacques and Tim Shaw.

past selected concerts and installations 2020

11th  Avantwhatever Online Festival, Australia / solo performance ‘shimatsu 始末 07’
14th  album In Another Place on cafe OTO’S Takuroku Label / by Anne-f Jacques, Tim Shaw and Ryoko Akama 
15th  Standards Quarantine Workout QW.5 / Garden Piece, a composition for any performer at any space
20th  Darmstadt summer school online 1000 score project / music for every day’s score, a composition for any performer at any space
10th  Miji Concert 66 (密集音乐会 66) / Zhu Wembo performing my score ‘reaction (2020)
12th  YSI a scuplture a day video project / 5 minutes video on Yorkshire Sculpture International IGTV  
19th  TOPH Housebound #13: The End online show / video works ‘garden piece’   
1st   Oscillation—Mayday Radio Marathon / interviews on Why they do it—artist-organisers about their motives by Julia Eckhardt
6th   Proposal from the Future #5 / performing the score ‘PPM book (2014)’
11th  Miji Concert 66 (密集音乐会 66) / Zhu Wembo performing my score ‘on and off (2018)’
16th  New Music Show on BBC Radio 3 / ‘a sense of coming back’
18th  Music We’d Like To Hear Apartment House + Another Timbre
24th  Miji Concert 66 (密集音乐会 66) / performing Anne-F Jacques’Pieces for domestic waste and objects
24th  Miji Concert 66 (密集音乐会 66) / kevin corcoran performing my score ‘on and off (2018)’
8th   Klangmanifeste Online Festival / ‘garden 
23rd  AMPLIFY 2020 / solo recording ‘she attempts to amplify things and quite likes it
14th  Another Timbre label Coronavirus quarantine 5​-​hour 
9th   New Weird Huddersfield, UK / solo performance 始末5
21st  Technosonics@ The university of Virginia, USA / solo performance 始末6 and talk
23rd  Red Room, USA / duo with Bonnie Jones + Ian Power
25th  The University of Baltimore, USA / ensemble performing dial 45-21-95 and places and pages
18th  New Departure @ Hepworth Gallery / solo performance 始末4

past selected concerts and installations 2019
4th   Open Sessions @ GuildHall Music School / talk
16th  FOR/WITH festival @ The Project Room, N.Y. / my score for Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste (Voice), Lea Bertucci (Bass Clarinet), Russell Greenberg (Percussion) and Nate Wooley (Trumpet)
15th  HCMF, Yoko Ono ‘grapefruits’ realisation @ Temporary Contemporary, Huddersfield
17th  Ftarri Festival @ BuOY, Tokyo / quartet with Zhao Cong, Yoko Ikeda and Wakana Ikeda
20th  닻올림 Dotolim, Seoul / solo performance + duo with Inkyong Kim
21th  Namsan, Seoul / with lo wie performing ‘heather’s day’
12th  No Bounds Festival@ Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield / duo with Nakul Krishnamurthy
20th  spot the difference 01 – @ small 小 hall, huddersfield / a series of solo installation spot the difference
26th  Mikrozvuk: Ryoko Akama + Tania Chen + Avsluta @ LOM,  Bratislava / solo performance shimatsu 01
27t   pole performativního umění @ TEREN, Brno / solo performance shimatsu 02
12th  Erwan Keravec/ Mathieu Bec trio/ Ryoko Akama @ Remouski, Canada / performance as Ensemble
17th  Jean-François Laporte / Ryoko Akama+ Anne-f Jacques @ La Chapelle des Jésuites, Quebec, Canada / performance with Anne-F Jacques
18th  Mathieu Bec trio / Ryoko Akama + Anne-f Jacques @Belgo, Montreal, Canada / performance with Anne-F Jacques
10-11th Go Compose Everyday Everywhere is a Sound @ Huddersfield University / Workshop with Eleanor Cully
13th  ‘performing your own scores’@ Ftarri / solo performance
2nd-6th GMEA workshop and performance, @ GMEA, Tarn 
14th  Heroines of Sound, Berlin / Lappetites Performance
18th  practices in the imaginary @ Archade, Huddersfield / performance with Luke Martin + Jorge Boehringer + Eleanor Cully
May 21st – June 22nd The Diagonale du Silence, group exhibition @ centre o international poesie Marseille, France
21st  Longplayer Day, London / solo performance ‘sono mama’
22nd (-6th July) Yorkshire Sculpture International @ Bothy Gallery, YSP / Associated Matters Group Exhibition / Installation ‘the way they are’
29th   Associated Matters @ Bothy Gallery, YSP / talk and solo Performance ‘sono mama’
9th -2nd Spor Festival, Denmark / Solo Installation ‘Composition of Happiness (2019)’
14th  Curious Ear with Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh/Andrew Cheetham + Ryoko Akama + Julia Reidy @ The Peer Hat, Manchester / Solo Performance
19th  Algomech Festival / Solo Performance + trio with Mark Fell and Ryan Fell
22nd  APARTMENT HOUSE – THREE-DAY RESIDENCY @ Cafe OTO, London /  new compositions performed by Apartment house
6-14th  Space as Instrument @ 21 Market Place, Huddersfield / Group Exhibition – ‘a variation at twenty-one (2019)’
14th  TPAM, Yokohama, Japan / duo with Gerard Lebik – ‘what are they doing?’
15th  Hopken, Osaka, Japan / duo with Gerard Lebik – ‘what are they doing?’
16th  OTOOTO, Tokyo, Japan / duo with Suzueri
22nd – 24th Sonic Acts Festival + STEIM, Amsterdam / Solo Installation ‘kosetsu’
26th  Colour Out of Space, Brighton / solo performance

past selected concerts and installations 2018
1st   The Magic City and ame present: Takamitsu Ohta. Anne-F Jacques and Ryoko Akama @ The Magic City, Todmorden / trio show
9th   /CODING in GE @ Iklectik, London / The Lappetites performance
17th  Circular Score Performance & Artist’s Talk @ Huddersfield Gallery / solo performance
2nd   Kammer Klang @ Cafe OTO, London / score ‘reaction’ performed
13th  BLAUES RAUSCHEN,  Dortmund, Germany / solo Performance
30th  Anoikis presents: Takamitsu Ohta. Anne-F Jacques and Ryoko Akama, Bangor / trio performance
7th   Standards @ Milano, Italy / duo with Gerard Lebik
8th   Librairie HumuS @Lausanne, Swiss / duo with Gerard Lebik
9th   Cave 12 @ Geneva, Swiss / duo with Gerard Lebik
21st  SONA @ Sheffield / solo performance and talk
July-August Full of Noises + ame Barrow Park Artists-In-Residence @ Barrow Park,  Barrow-In-Furness
17-19th FON festival, Barrow-In-Furness / ’14 cuttings’ sound installation
2nd – 29th Sep UNKNOWN RESULTS || THE PERCEPTION OF ORDER WITHIN @ Aviary Gallery, Boston / Group Exhibition
21st  Konfrontationen Festival @ Jazzgalarie Nickelsdorf, Vienna /  duo performance with Gerard Lebik
19-22nd Konfrontationen Festival @ Jazzgalarie Nickelsdorf, Vienna /  group exhibition ‘ploughs and harrows’
24th-27th The Electronics Atelier 2018, Darmstadt Summer Course @ Darmstadt, Germany / workshop + performance
30th  Verz Imprint and ame presents @ The Northern Quarter, Huddersfield / duo with Phil Mcgiure
17th  Cuspeditions presents: Miki Yui UK tour @ Access Space, Sheffield / duo with Charlie Collions
19th  Motley Muse, Creative poetry symposium @ The Heritage Quays, University of Huddersfield, UK / ‘a poem piece’ sound installation
8th   Counterflow Festival, Glasgow, Scotland / as Rhodri Davies Ensemble
12th  Kontraklang, Berlin, Germany / as Lappetites
13th  EXPERIMENTICA, Cardiff, UK / as Rhodri Davies Ensemble
2nd   Verz Imprint and ame presents @Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK / Duo with Phil Maguire
3rd   Verz Imprint and ame presents @ Coffeevolution, Huddersfield, UK
9 / 10th Audiograft Festival, Oxford, UK / solo performance
17/18th Eavesdropping London @ The Chapel In Oxford House, London, UK / trio with Jennie Gottchalk and                      Nomi Epstein
24th  DNK DAYS Project Presentation #1 mumei six, Amsterdam / duo with Heather Frasch
29th  Anothertimbre presents: withTaku Sugimoto and Minami Saeki, Mick Beck’s house, Sheffield, UK
31st  Interwoven Histories closing event @ the Industrial Museum of Leeds, Leeds, UK / with Taku Sugimoto and Minami Saeki
19th-28th Coincidence Festival @ Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, USA
29th  Experimental Intermedia, N.Y.  / duo with Anne-f Jacques
30th  Somerville, Boston / duo with Anne-f Jacques
9th (- April) loiners or @ the Industrial Museum of Leeds, UK / solo exhibition
23rd  Post Paradise @ Centrala, Birmingham, UK / composition & performance

past selected concerts and installations 2017
2nd   CRiSAP research centre @ LCC, London, UK / performance and talk
7 -10th Algomech Festival Residency @ The Access Space, Sheffield, UK / residency with Anne-F Jacques
11th / 12th Algomech Festival @ The Access Space, Sheffield, UK / duo with Anne-F Jacques
14th  Upstairs @ 21 Market Place, Huddersfield, UK / duo with Anne-F Jacques
22nd  Composition of Happiness Special event at Cafe Ollo, Huddersfield, UK / with Ben Gwilliam and Gerard Lebik
23rd  HCMF @ Bates Mill, Huddersfield, UK / as Rhodri Davies Ensemble
1st   Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre ‘POLYproject’ at The Cello Factory, London / quartet with Will Montgomery, lo wie and Stefan Thut
12th  ame concert series 06 @ Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Jason Kahn, Patric Farmer, Cristian Wolfarth etc.
14th  No Bounds Festival @ Trafalgar Works, Sheffield, UK / duo with Charlie Collins
18th  – 18th January 2018 @ cafe Ollo, The Media Centre, UK / solo exhibition ‘composition of happiness’
27th – 1st Oct @ Avant Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland / solo exhibition ‘objects migration 02’
27th   @ Avant Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland / opening event solo performance
29th   ame concert series 05 @ Access Space, Sheffield, UK / trio with lo wie and Stefan Thut
11th  Bradford, Luciano Maggiore / Louie Rice / Ryoko Akama @ FUSE art space, uk / solo performance
16th Wroclaw, between foundation myths and new territories, @ Air Wro, Poland / panel discussion
18-20th Sokolowsko, Sanatorium D?wi?ku Festival @ Sanatorium, Poland / solo installation ‘objects migration 01’+performance
14th  Sheffield, Sonic Pattern 2017: Live code and sonic machines @ The Access Space, solo
27th  Sheffield, Eun-Jung Kim & Charlie Collins plus special guests @ The Access Space, duo with Beatrix Ward-Fernandez
20th  Sheffield, Arts and the Creative Process Improvisation Gathering @ Access Space, UK /  workshop
10th  Sheffield, Lush Spectra Festival, UK /  solo performance
19-24th Sanatorium D?wi?ku residency, Soko?owsko, Poland / Residency
10th  Radio show with Helmut Lemke, LISTEN BACKWARDS to ADVANCE, UK /  duo with Lemke
8th   Sheffield, Isaiah Ceccerelli & Katelyn Clark + Akama/Farmer/Chase, UK / trio with Chase and Patrick Farmer
29th  The University of Edinburgh, Scotland / improvisation Festival&Workshop
18 – 5th June AiR exhibition 2017, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, UK / group exhibition
13th  Florence, Italy @ Frittelli Arte Contemporanea / 21:00–22:00 / solo performance
12th  Turino, Italy  @ Atelier Giorgi / CoMET Sound Club #3: / 21:30–0:00 / solo performance
11th  Bologne @ Giardini Margherita / 19:30 to 22:00 / solo performance
24th  Liebig12, Berlin / with Seiji Morimoto + Yan Jun
22th  Yka?, PROZA, Wroclaw, Poland / solo performance
19th  Iklectik, London, UK /  UK / with Kilt, Makoto Oshiro + Suzueri
18th  The Coach Station, Brighton, UK / with lo wie + Suzueri
9th   Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Charlie Collins, Neil Carver, Suzueri + Oshiro Makoto
6th   The Islington Mills, Manchester, UK / with Suzueri + Oshiro Makoto

past selected concerts and installations 2016
30th December Ftarri, Tokyo, Japan /  duo with Yui Nakamura
18th November Ftarri, Tokyo, Japan /  with Simon Whetham + Takahiro Kawaguchi
3rd November FUSE, UK / with Miki Yui + Ben Gwilliam
2sn November Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Miki Yui
20th October Made In Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK / with Morgan + Scott
16th October FUSE, Bradford, UK / quartet with Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda, Charlie Collins + lo wie
14th October Access Space, Sheffield, UK / al quintet with Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda, Charlie Collins, Derek Saw+  Beatrix Ward-Fernandez
13th October PRAXIS 4, Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, London / with Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda +lo wie
01st October Tor Festival, Todmorden, UK / solo performance
30th September European Researcher’s Night, The University of Huddersfield, UK  / water table installation
29th July FUSE, Bradford, UK / with Ben Gwilliam + David Velez
04th June A journey around my room, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK / solo performance
08-11.June The Festival Art of Improvisation, CK Agora, Wroc?aw, Poland / reductive journal exhibition
11-31st May Echo Bücher, Berlin, Germany / mumei publishing exhibition and performance
09th May Labor Sonor, Berlin, Germany / solo performance
08th April WHPK 88.5 FM, the University of Chicago, USA / solo performance
10th April Elastic Arts, Chicago, USA / with Joseph Clayton Mills, Adam Sonderberg + Graham
19th March K.R.O.P.P, Uppsala Consert house, Uppsala, Finland / with Su-En and Su-En Butoh Company
06th February Electric Knife Records, London, UK / with Joseph Clayton Mills
07th February Bang the Bore, The Cube Cinema, Bristol, UK / with Joseph Clayton Mills, Dominic Lash + Seth Cooke

past selected concerts and installations 2015
17th December shicho-shitu, Yokohama, Japan / with Suzueri + El Grande
18th December Violon, Asagaya, Tokyo, Japan / with Yoko Miura + Kaiji Nakao
19th December ftarri, Suido-Bashi, Tokyo, Japan / with Taku Sugimoto
28th December Peter Pan Cafe, Sendai, Japan / with Takahiro Sato + Yoshihiro Kikuchi
30th December ftarri, Suido-Bashi, Tokyo, Japan / with Yumiko Tanaka, Tetsuji Akiyama etc.
03th December Tsuonami Festival, Chile/ duo with Cristian Alvear / performance of place #1
04th December performing Nick Collin’s “Roomtone Variations” at NAVE with TárabusT Project
05th December Tsuonami Festival – performing ‘derivas’ with rolando hernández, gudinni cortina, felipe araya and santiago astaburuaga
06th December Tsuonami Festival – performing ‘derivas’ with rolando hernández, gudinni cortina, felipe araya and santiago astaburuaga
07th December Tsuonami Festival – duo performance of place #2
10th December performing ‘grado de potencia #1’ at CP
28th November mumei/Bore Publishing/Compost and Height presents…, Hundred Years Gallery, London / with Heather Frasch, Sarah Hughes, David Stent + Manfred Werder
27th November reductive journal FOUR book launch #2, Hundred Years Gallery, London / with Heather Frasch, Sarah Hughes, David Stent + Manfred Werder
25th November reductive journal FOUR book launch, hcmf// 2015 / with Heather Frasch, Sarah Hughes, David Stent + Manfred Werder
01st October OTO space, London, UK /  with Cristian Alvear + Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga
26th October The Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Yoko and Charlie Collins
11th August moreorlessthan, Todmorden, UK / with Ben Gwilliam + Minoru Sato
27th March Compost and Height Presents, the church of st. john the evangelist, Oxford / with Patrick Farmer, David Lacey, Ryoko Akama, Sarah Hughes, Jane Dickson + Paul Whitty.
25th March koto?mono – things and matters, Performatik Festival, Belgium, UK / with Miki Yui + Rie Nakajima
17th March Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Oxford, UK / with Taku Sugimoto + Bruno Guastalla
04th April Hearing Barrow Park, Huddersfield, UK / installation treow

past selected concerts and installations 2014
05th November Jurg and Friends, Cafe OTO / with Anton Lukoszevieze, Seth Woods, Dominic Lash + Mira Benjamin
03th November Either Ears, Cafe OTO space, London, UK / installation ajar
13th September Cultural Nights, Uppsala Museum, Sweden / installation 1?5
10th September Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden / with Lisa Ullen + Thomas Bjelkeborn
25-26th October  Hearing Greenhead Park, Cumbria, UK / installation treow