(credit Gorm Branderup – Skæg & Ballade 2019)

(kosetsu, 2019) credit: Pieter Kiers

upcoming concerts and installations

10-11th              Go Compose Everyday Everywhere is a Sound @ Huddersfield University / Workshop with Eleanor Cully
13th                  ‘performing your own scores’@ Ftarri / solo performance

12th                  Erwan Keravec/ Mathieu Bec trio/ Ryoko Akama @ Remouski, Canada / performance as Ensemble
17th                   Jean-François Laporte / Ryoko Akama+ Anne-f Jacques @ La Chapelle des Jésuites, Quebec, Canada / performance with Anne-F Jacques
18th                  Mathieu Bec trio / Ryoko Akama + Anne-f Jacques @Belgo, Montreal, Canada / performance with Anne-F Jacques

12th                   No Bounds Festival @ Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield / duo with Nakul Krishnamurthy
26th                     @ Bratislava / solo performance
27th                     TEREN @ Brno / solo performance
13th                   UNspellable series @ Small Seeds, Huddersfield / trio with Ami Kawabata + Charlie Collins
16th                    @ The Project Room, N.Y. / my score for an ensemble
17th-                   HCMF, Yoko Ono ‘grapefruits’ realisation / TBC
17th-                   the way they are (2019) / TBC
(loiner or 2018 / composition of happiness, 2017) credit: Stephan Harvey 

past selected concerts and installations

2nd-6th              GMEA workshop and performance, @ GMEA, Tarn 
14th                    Heroines of Sound, Berlin / Lappetites Performance
18th                  practices in the imaginary @ Archade, Huddersfield / performance with Luke Martin + Jorge Boehringer + Eleanor Cully

May 21st – June 22nd The Diagonale du Silence, group exhibition @ centre o international poesie Marseille, France
21st                       Longplayer Day, London / solo performance ‘sono mama’
22nd (-6th July)       Yorkshire Sculpture International @ Bothy Gallery, YSP / Associated Matters Group Exhibition / Installation ‘the way they are’
29th                       Associated Matters @ Bothy Gallery, YSP / talk and solo Performance ‘sono mama’
9th -2nd June  Spor Festival, Denmark / Solo Installation ‘Composition of Happiness (2019)’
14th                   Curious Ear with Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh/Andrew Cheetham + Ryoko Akama + Julia Reidy @ The Peer Hat, Manchester / Solo Performance
19th                  Algomech Festival / Solo Performance + trio with Mark Fell and Ryan Fell
22nd                APARTMENT HOUSE – THREE-DAY RESIDENCY @ Cafe OTO, London /  new compositions performed by Apartment house

6-14th              Space as Instrument @ 21 Market Place, Huddersfield / Group Exhibition – ‘a variation at twenty-one (2019)’

14th                  TPAM, Yokohama, Japan / duo with Gerard Lebik – ‘what are they doing?’
15th                  Hopken, Osaka, Japan / duo with Gerard Lebik – ‘what are they doing?’
16th                  OTOOTO, Tokyo, Japan / duo with Suzueri
22nd – 24th      Sonic Acts Festival + STEIM, Amsterdam / Solo Installation ‘kosetsu’

26th                 Colour Out of Space, Brighton / solo performance

1st            The Magic City and ame present: Takamitsu Ohta. Anne-F Jacques and Ryoko Akama @ The Magic City, Todmorden / trio show
9th            /CODING in GE @ Iklectik, London / The Lappetites performance
17th         Circular Score Performance & Artist’s Talk @ Huddersfield Gallery / solo performance
2nd          Kammer Klang @ Cafe OTO, London / score ‘reaction’ performed
13th         BLAUES RAUSCHEN,  Dortmund, Germany / solo Performance
30th         Anoikis presents: Takamitsu Ohta. Anne-F Jacques and Ryoko Akama, Bangor / trio performance
7th            Standards @ Milano, Italy / duo with Gerard Lebik
8th            Librairie HumuS @Lausanne, Swiss / duo with Gerard Lebik
9th            Cave 12 @ Geneva, Swiss / duo with Gerard Lebik
21st          SONA @ Sheffield / solo performance and talk
July-August Full of Noises + ame Barrow Park Artists-In-Residence @ Barrow Park,  Barrow-In-Furness
17-19th       FON festival, Barrow-In-Furness / ’14 cuttings’ sound installation
2nd – 29th Sep UNKNOWN RESULTS || THE PERCEPTION OF ORDER WITHIN @ Aviary Gallery, Boston / Group Exhibition
21st            Konfrontationen Festival @ Jazzgalarie Nickelsdorf, Vienna /  duo performance with Gerard Lebik
19-22nd      Konfrontationen Festival @ Jazzgalarie Nickelsdorf, Vienna /  group exhibition ‘ploughs and harrows’
24th-27th    The Electronics Atelier 2018, Darmstadt Summer Course @ Darmstadt, Germany / workshop + performance
30th            Verz Imprint and ame presents @ The Northern Quarter, Huddersfield / duo with Phil Mcgiure
17th            Cuspeditions presents: Miki Yui UK tour @ Access Space, Sheffield / duo with Charlie Collions
19th            Motley Muse, Creative poetry symposium @ The Heritage Quays, University of Huddersfield, UK / ‘a poem piece’ sound installation

8th   Counterflow Festival, Glasgow, Scotland / as Rhodri Davies Ensemble
12th Kontraklang, Berlin, Germany / as Lappetites
Cardiff, UK / as Rhodri Davies Ensemble
2nd Verz Imprint and ame presents @Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK / Duo with Phil Maguire
3rd  Verz Imprint and ame presents @ Coffeevolution, Huddersfield, UK
9 / 10th Audiograft Festival, Oxford, UK / solo performance
17/18th Eavesdropping London @ The Chapel In Oxford House, London, UK / trio with Jennie Gottchalk and                      Nomi Epstein
24th    DNK DAYS Project Presentation #1 mumei six
, Amsterdam / duo with Heather Frasch
29th    Anothertimbre presents: withTaku Sugimoto and Minami Saeki, Mick Beck’s house, Sheffield, UK
31st Interwoven Histories closing event @ the Industrial Museum of Leeds, Leeds, UK / with Taku Sugimoto and Minami Saeki

19th-28th      Coincidence Festival @ Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, USA
29th              Experimental Intermedia, N.Y.  / duo with Anne-f Jacques
30th              Somerville, Boston / duo with Anne-f Jacques
9th (- April)  loiners or @ the Industrial Museum of Leeds, UK / solo exhibition
23rd             Post Paradise @ Centrala, Birmingham, UK / composition and performance

2nd               CRiSAP research centre @ LCC, London, UK / performance and talk
7 -10th          Algomech Festival Residency @ The Access Space, Sheffield, UK / residency with Anne-F Jacques
11th / 12th    Algomech Festival @ The Access Space, Sheffield, UK / duo with Anne-F Jacques
14th              Upstairs @ 21 Market Place, Huddersfield, UK / duo with Anne-F Jacques
22nd             Composition of Happiness Special event at Cafe Ollo, Huddersfield, UK / with Ben Gwilliam and Gerard Lebik
23rd              HCMF @ Bates Mill, Huddersfield, UK / as Rhodri Davies Ensemble
1st       Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre ‘POLYproject’ at The Cello Factory, London / quartet with Will Montgomery, lo wie and Stefan Thut
12th     ame concert series 06 @ Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Jason Kahn, Patric Farmer, Cristian Wolfarth etc.
14th      No Bounds Festival @ Trafalgar Works, Sheffield, UK / duo with Charlie Collins

18th  – 18th January 2018 Huddersfield, @ cafe Ollo, The Media Centre, UK / solo exhibition ‘composition of happiness
27th – 1st Oct @ Avant Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland / solo exhibition ‘objects migration 02’
27th     @ Avant Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland / opening event solo performance
29th      ame concert series 05 @ Access Space, Sheffield, UK / trio with lo wie and Stefan Thut
11th  Bradford, Luciano Maggiore / Louie Rice / Ryoko Akama @ FUSE art space, uk / solo performance
16th Wroclaw, between foundation myths and new territories, @ Air Wro, Poland / panel discussion
18-20th Soko?owsko, Sanatorium D?wi?ku Festival @ Sanatorium, Poland / solo installation ‘objects migration 01’+performance
14th Sheffield, Sonic Pattern 2017: Live code and sonic machines @ The Access Space, solo
27th Sheffield, Eun-Jung Kim & Charlie Collins plus special guests @ The Access Space, duo with Beatrix Ward-Fernandez
20th   Sheffield, Arts and the Creative Process Improvisation Gathering @ Access Space, UK /  workshop
10th   Sheffield, Lush Spectra Festival, UK /  solo performance
19-24th Sanatorium D?wi?ku residency, Soko?owsko, Poland / Residency
10th  Radio show with Helmut Lemke, LISTEN BACKWARDS to ADVANCE, UK /  duo with Lemke
8th     Sheffield, Isaiah Ceccerelli & Katelyn Clark + Akama/Farmer/Chase, UK / trio with Chase and Patrick Farmer
29      The University of Edinburgh, Scotland / improvisation Festival&Workshop
18 – 5 June AiR exhibition 2017, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, UK / group exhibition
13      Florence, Italy @ Frittelli Arte Contemporanea / 21:00–22:00 / solo performance
12      Turino, Italy  @ Atelier Giorgi / CoMET Sound Club #3: / 21:30–0:00 / solo performance
11       Bologne @ Giardini Margherita / 19:30 to 22:00 / solo performance
24       Liebig12, Berlin / with Seiji Morimoto + Yan Jun
22       Yka?, PROZA, Wroclaw, Poland / solo performance
19 February Iklectik, London, UK /  UK / with Kilt, Makoto Oshiro + Suzueri
18 February The Coach Station, Brighton, UK / with lo wie + Suzueri
9 February Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Charlie Collins, Neil Carver, Suzueri + Oshiro Makoto
6 February The Islington Mills, Manchester, UK / with Suzueri + Oshiro Makoto

30 December Ftarri, Tokyo, Japan /  duo with Yui Nakamura
18 November Ftarri, Tokyo, Japan /  with Simon Whetham + Takahiro Kawaguchi
3 November FUSE, UK / with Miki Yui + Ben Gwilliam
2 November Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Miki Yui
20 October Made In Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK / with Morgan + Scott
16 October FUSE, Bradford, UK / quartet with Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda, Charlie Collins + lo wie
14 October Access Space, Sheffield, UK / al quintet with Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda, Charlie Collins, Derek Saw+  Beatrix Ward-Fernandez
13 October PRAXIS 4, Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, London / with Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda +lo wie
01 October Tor Festival, Todmorden, UK / solo performance
30 September European Researcher’s Night, The University of Huddersfield, UK  / water table installation
29 July FUSE, Bradford, UK / with Ben Gwilliam + David Velez
04.June A journey around my room, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK / solo performance
08-11.June The Festival Art of Improvisation, CK Agora, Wroc?aw, Poland / reductive journal exhibition
11-31 May Echo Bücher, Berlin, Germany / mumei publishing exhibition and performance
09 May Labor Sonor, Berlin, Germany / solo performance
08 April WHPK 88.5 FM, the University of Chicago, USA / solo performance
10 April Elastic Arts, Chicago, USA / with Joseph Clayton Mills, Adam Sonderberg + Graham
19 March K.R.O.P.P, Uppsala Consert house, Uppsala, Finland / with Su-En and Su-En Butoh Company
06 February Electric Knife Records, London, UK / with Joseph Clayton Mills
07 February Bang the Bore, The Cube Cinema, Bristol, UK / with Joseph Clayton Mills, Dominic Lash + Seth Cooke

17 December shicho-shitu, Yokohama, Japan / with Suzueri + El Grande
18 December Violon, Asagaya, Tokyo, Japan / with Yoko Miura + Kaiji Nakao
19 December ftarri, Suido-Bashi, Tokyo, Japan / with Taku Sugimoto
28 December Peter Pan Cafe, Sendai, Japan / with Takahiro Sato + Yoshihiro Kikuchi
30 December ftarri, Suido-Bashi, Tokyo, Japan / with Yumiko Tanaka, Tetsuji Akiyama etc.
03 December Tsuonami Festival, Chile/ duo with Cristian Alvear / performance of place #1
04 December performing Nick Collin’s “Roomtone Variations” at NAVE with TárabusT Project
05 December Tsuonami Festival – performing ‘derivas’ with rolando hernández, gudinni cortina, felipe araya and santiago astaburuaga
06 December Tsuonami Festival – performing ‘derivas’ with rolando hernández, gudinni cortina, felipe araya and santiago astaburuaga
07 December Tsuonami Festival – duo performance of place #2
10 December performing ‘grado de potencia #1’ at CP
28 November mumei/Bore Publishing/Compost and Height presents…, Hundred Years Gallery, London / with Heather Frasch, Sarah Hughes, David Stent + Manfred Werder
27 November reductive journal FOUR book launch #2, Hundred Years Gallery, London / with Heather Frasch, Sarah Hughes, David Stent + Manfred Werder
25 November reductive journal FOUR book launch, hcmf// 2015 / with Heather Frasch, Sarah Hughes, David Stent + Manfred Werder
01 October OTO space, London, UK /  with Cristian Alvear + Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga
26 October The Access Space, Sheffield, UK / with Yoko and Charlie Collins
11 August moreorlessthan, Todmorden, UK / with Ben Gwilliam + Minoru Sato
27 March Compost and Height Presents, the church of st. john the evangelist, Oxford / with Patrick Farmer, David Lacey, Ryoko Akama, Sarah Hughes, Jane Dickson + Paul Whitty.
25 March koto?mono – things and matters, Performatik Festival, Belgium, UK / with Miki Yui + Rie Nakajima
17 March Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Oxford, UK / with Taku Sugimoto + Bruno Guastalla
04 April Hearing Barrow Park, Huddersfield, UK / installation treow

05 November Jurg and Friends, Cafe OTO / with Anton Lukoszevieze, Seth Woods, Dominic Lash + Mira Benjamin
03 November Either Ears, Cafe OTO space, London, UK / installation ajar
13 September Cultural Nights, Uppsala Museum, Sweden / installation 1?5
10 September Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden / with Lisa Ullen + Thomas Bjelkeborn
25-26 October  Hearing Greenhead Park, Cumbria, UK / installation treow